Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun Times with the Family

Amy with her kids and Tim's kids

70 years ago the Tendermaid restaurant opened in Austin. It is a little shop with 18 stools - no tables (except one picnic table outside) and no booths. The menu is simple: hamburger; cheeseburger; chips; malts and shakes. But lest you think this sounds pretty "ordinary," the Tendermaid was chronicled in the Minnesota Monthly earlier this year as being one of the best places in our state to buy a hamburger. On Monday at noon, members of our family "took over" the little restaurant, filling 17 of the 18 seats. For some, it was their first Tendermaid ever! I especially enjoyed watching the little ones gobble them up, eating almost every crumb! They liked the malts, too.

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MamaD4 said...

I've never been to Tendermaid, but it is exactly as I would have imagined could be 1970 or 2008 in there. A good place, I am sure and if I'm feeling brave next time I'm in Austin, I'll try eating there.

Wait, hold up--there are Tendermaid T-shirts and CAPS? Hans didn't bring me one of those!!

The cousins look great and the children look happy and healthy. And you managed to get one with Hans' eyes open too! It's not easy, is it?