Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fond Memories

Yesterday I went to the memorial service for one of the dear neighbors we had when I was young. She was one of the many wonderful mothers in our very special neighborhood. Two things I recalled about Neola was that she had been part of the Ice Capades when she was a young women. She taught several of us how to skate backwards and do cross-overs. The fact that she shared this always made her special to me.

Also, they were the first family in our neighborhood to get a TV. But they wanted to be sure we could all share in the fun and let us pack into their living room to watch this new marvel.

Our neighborhood did lots of things together. For years we had neighborhood picnics, held in one another's back yards. My dad had a movie camera, so we have movies of the picnics, bonfires, and even of me riding my first bike (3rd grade). The 12 or so mothers had a birthday club and had fun celebrating each of their birthdays together.

Neola's kids (my contemporaries) thought it would be fitting for her mom's memorial day to have a picnic, so yesterday about 60+ people gathered at one of our city parks and poured over old pictures and talked about our memories. Several of the old neighbors were able to attend, including the last remaining "mother" and her daughter, Vae. Vae and I had played together when she was home from school with the measles and I with chicken pox. We all agreed that we were rich to have experienced such a loving neighborhood in which to grow. Neola, you were a blessing to me.

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MamaD4 said...

How nice to have a picnic to remember someone!