Monday, June 16, 2008

Aurelia Has a "Sleep-over" with Grandma

Friday night Aurelia came to my home to have a "sleep-over." She hadn't been to my home in a little while and it was interesting to see how she carefully observed everything. She wasn't sure of me, and she didn't seem comfortable about her mommy leaving her. But once Sarah left, we went to the kitchen and I started giving her a little supper. Once again, she kept looking at all of the things I have on the walls - mostly plates. She could hear Peppi singing in the dining room, so I took her to see him. He seemed to delight her.

We played for a little while in my cottage, and then she fell asleep in my arms. She slept until around 3:15 am and then woke up, very hungry. I fed her a bottle, changed her, and she slept again until 8 am! That was good as I had come down with a cold and needed the extra sleep.

Saturday morning I bathed her and we played again. She had lots of smiles on Saturday. It was really nice to have her with me, and good for Sarah and Peder to have a night and morning to themselves. And I sure hope she didn't catch my cold.


liz said...

Aurelia is so darned cute!!& her smiles just light up her whole face!! I can see where she would be fun to babysit. & she really slept well for you too.What a

Heidi said...

Glad to know you are fine with the 3am feeding.