Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Week to Go

We had another choir rehearsal this morning. We rehearsed most of our numbers and a guest from Russia and our missions pastor spoke to our group. We ate little open-faced sandwiches called kanapis (Ukrainian) made by two of our choir members. And another choir member made each of the women on the tour a beautiful journal with a cover that looks like typical Ukrainian artwork. We were given our airline tickets and had our concert wear approved by our director. It was a busy, productive morning.

I got to have lunch with Peder, Sarah and Aurelia. I'm telling you, little Aurelia is so sweet. She has a smile that is just beautiful. All the while we ate, she played with her little toys and watched people. Following lunch, we drove to their home and I got to see her crawl. She also walks by holding onto our hands. Again, she smiled and smiled. Oh, and she said "uh, uh, uh." It's darling. Peder and Sarah are doing a very good job with their parenting.

It's so rewarding seeing your kids grow up and raise a family. Hans and Peder, I'm so proud of both of you and your wives. You've given me beautiful grandchildren. What a treasure. Heidi and Chad, when you have children, I'm sure you will be equally good parents.

I'm nearly ready to start packing things into my bags.

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