Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another 10 Minute Weekend Is Nearly Over

Why do our weekends go so fast???? It seems we leave the office on Friday at 5 pm, and 10 minutes later -- it's 8 am on Monday. Maybe it doesn't work that way for you, but quite often it does for me. Here's a recap of my weekend:
  • Friday night I was blessed to attend a tribute dinner for the father of one of my co-workers. Her father had been the music pastor at a twin cities church for 23 years. The dinner event was attended by 400 people. On the program were church members from the past who had starred in the many productions written by Ken. Some of the guests flew in from far away places and were surprise soloists for the evening. Clips were shown of some of the shows performed over the years. All of the music presented had been written by him. Though I have never met Ken, I was touched by the songs he wrote and the tributes given to him. It was a beautiful affair.
  • Saturday I gave Peppi a clean cage and then got up my nerve to reach in and grab him to clip his nails. This should be done to canaries about every six months. He flapped and flitted and finally I was able to contain him in my hand. His little heart was beating so fast. I clipped about 4 long nails, and then returned him to his cage. Thankfully I didn't hurt him and won't have to repeat it for another half year or so. After doing some other domestic tasks, I got ready to go to church for the annual choir festival our church hosts each year. This year, four choirs joined ours for a total of approximately 350 voices. Rachel's parents, bless their hearts, drove all the way from St. James to come to listen to us. I got to visit with them before and after the festival. The music was so inspirational. It makes me think of what heaven will be like.
  • This morning I sang in two services at our church and then went to brunch with my theater friends. This afternoon we saw Pajama Game at the Bloomington Civic Theater. Once again, the acting and music was sensational. And now, I'm relaxing for the last minute or so. It's been a packed weekend, but I loved it. I hope you had a good one.

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