Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day, Part 2

Today Jerry, Janet and I drove over to Austin and as always, we got there early enough to be able to walk around the small downtown area to see which stores are still open, and see what has become of those that are no longer there. To our amazement, a small grocery store is still open. It was there when I was a kid, about 125 years ago!!! It hadn't officially opened for the day, but I poked my nose in and took a picture.

Out at the cemetery we ran into dear, dear friends and family members - always a highlight of the day. Standing with me is my dear friend, DoLores. Her husband, Merlyn, is a veteran of the US Marines. Together we sang the National Anthem as the Austin High School band played. I love this event. The only thing missing this year was having Peder singing next to me.

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