Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Fun Time Going To Garage Sales with Sarah

Sarah really knows how and where to find great garage sales. This time we went to a very nice neighborhood in Savage, Minnesota, where most of the homes seemed to be owned by young families. The homes were new, beautifully landscaped, and the streets and cul-de-sacs meandered for quite a ways.

We saw so many cribs, strollers, high chairs, and tons of toys and baby clothes. A good thing for me turned out to be a very small selection of dishes and decorative items. I did snag a Royal Daulton child's plate and mug in the Bunnykins pattern - for only $2.00! I am thrilled about that! I also bought 7 Disney movies that I didn't already own and a fun puzzle of numbers (the number 7 is missing). If my grand children ever want to watch a movie when they come to my home, they'll have quite the selection!

Another great find for me is a booster chair with tray. Heidi had mentioned this might be a better item for me to own than a high chair. So, now I'm lots better prepared to take care of my darlings when they come to stay with me. :-)


-Peder said...

You're also missing a zero. Placeholders are important, you know!

Sarah said...

No she isn't! Each onw is made up of the number of pieces it represents, so zero has zero pieces!

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