Thursday, November 23, 2006


*I am doing this at the request of Peder.

1. What is your dream vacation? A cruise to the Scandinavian capitols.

2. First music album you owned? "The Sound of Music."

3. Song you sing in the shower? Funny thing. . . I rarely sing at home, and never in the shower.

4. First dream job when you were a child? To own a bakery.

5. Worst job you've ever had? Working in the nursery at church. I love my own kids and grandkids, but changing someone else's kids' diapers always made me gag!

6. Favorite spice? Cinnamon.

7. Old TV show you wish you had on DVD? "Father Knows Best." I loved that show!

8. Favorite game to play? Canadian Salad (a card game). I just learned this from my friend Lil this past October. So far I have found no one to play it with me. But trust me, it is really fun!

9. Least favorite color? Orange.

10. Worst song ever? "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time."


Sarah said...

I think Carrster and I may beg to differ with you on the worst song.

MamaD4 said...

After hearing about your neighbors upstairs, I wouldn't sing in the shower if I were you, either. They'd probably call the police!

carrster said...

I was just thinking that, Sarah!