Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday. . . a day of rest, finally!

It's been a busy week for me. Here's a shortened version:

  • Last Sunday, I sang at two services in the church choir; went to brunch with 4 friends; with the same friends, went to the play The Full Monty performed by the Bloomington Civic Theater. This is an excellent company of actors, many of whom have had Broadway and off-Broadway experience. It is the third year I have had season tickets with my friends. It is really fun.
  • Monday through Friday I worked my usual hours at BHP, plus a few hours of over-time.
  • Tuesday night I went to a knitting club that I joined this year. Its main purpose is to knit prayer shawls for ailing people, but about every other month, one of our members teaches us a new craft. It is a good time for fellowship, plus some of my projects are progressing.
  • Wednesday night was choir rehearsal. Not only are we rehearsing for Sunday worship services, but we spend about 45 minutes working on our Christmas concert music. The concerts this year are December 8, 9, and 10. This music is really pretty.
  • Thursday night I attended a birthday party for a friend from choir. There were 12 of us at another friend's home. Each of us were assigned an item from the menu to bring and the dinner was just delicious! The "birthday girl" agreed to have the party on one condition: only gag gifts were allowed. Mine was a gift-wrapped can on Spam with a note attached which read: "May this be the only kind of 'spam' you receive from now on." I think the best gift was from another friend who gave a beautiful vase of arranged flowers: baby's breath, shiny green leaves, and long-stemmed "prunes!" Yes, that's right, she attached 12 big prunes to long floral stems, wrapped in floral tape. It was hilarious (but sort of pretty)!
  • Saturday night our choir sang for the first of six services this weekend. You see, a while back, someone signed a comment card that it would be nice if the "traditional" choir would sing at the "contemporary" services sometime. So, we sang for one service Saturday night, and 5 more services this morning. Maybe that's why I'm so tired. . .

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