Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trip to See Lovina

About 18 years ago, my dear friend Lil and I drove to a small town in southeastern Minnesota to order a rocking chair from an Amish farmer I had heard about from a friend where I was working at the time. The Amish people and their ways were new to us, and from the moment we drove into their locale, we were intrigued. In the years that followed, I bought more furniture and made a friend with a lovely Amish woman named Lovina. She runs a little general store on her farm, selling things like homemade jam, bread pans, cookbooks, fireballs (Hans, Peder and Heidi used to love these!), fly tape, lantern parts, and lots of other sundry things. It's always fun to see her - she gives me a big hug when I walk through the screen door. Today was no exception. She was so happy to see me and my sister.

While I would never show disrespect by sneaking a photo of her, I did get some good shots of the laundry on the line and some quilts blowing in the breeze. Today I learned that she is reading some books from one of my favorite authors, Beverly Lewis - the series of Annie's People. Maybe our "paths" aren't so different after all.


-Peder said...

I still love the fireballs. Can't get enough hot cinnamon!

carrster said...

sounds like a lovely visit. :)