Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame. . .

Tonight I went to the Metrodome where the Minnesota Twins were playing the Cleveland Indians. It was an unusual circumstance for me, because I wasn't going there to watch the game, or to sing the National Anthem, or to hand out programs. I went there to WORK in a concession stand. And I mean WORK! The reason I went was to help out a friend whose son is volunteering there as a means to earn money toward his high school band trip coming up this next winter.

There were probably 35 or 40 people working at this concession stand, which would have been enough people, but turned out not to be as it was billed as "Dollar Hot Dog Night" and each customer could buy two at that price. Well, with a crowd of 42,000+ people tonight, we got "buried" and could barely keep up. My job assignment was to be a "runner" - yes, run for this, and run for that. Make up hot dog baskets; fill nacho trays with melted cheese and peppers - oh, and the nacho chips; grab a couple of bags of peanuts; pull 6 bottles of Coke out of the fridge; refill the potato chip bags; get a roll of quarters. Those are only some of the requests. One thing that pleased me a lot was the fact that the hot dogs and brats were Hormel products. I told my friend, "Be sure and tell the customers that they can also get wonderful Hormel products at their local grocers!" I could just see my stock going higher and higher!!

Finally around 8:30, we got to take a break. My friend and I went out into the dome and found a couple of empty seats and got to watch half an inning - the bottom of the 6th, I think. The score was tied 2 to 2. When we felt we had probably stayed long enough, we returned to the concession stand to find out they no longer needed us. So we went back to some empty seats and got to see the fantastic 8th inning where we went ahead, winning the game 7 to 2.

It was quite an experience - a one timer for me! Now I appreciate those hard workers lots, lots more.

Go Twins!!!

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