Saturday, August 19, 2006

Farmer's Market

It seems I have been meaning to go to a Farmer's Market most Saturdays this summer and today I finally did it. There are many around the twin cities, but none in my neighborhood. I know about the big one in downtown Minneapolis, but I wanted to go to one a bit closer.

My good friend Nancy had told me there is a very nice market in Richfield, and she told me the general location. I drove there and looked around but couldn't see it, so I took a chance and dropped by her house, unexpectedly of course. Well, it was 9:30, so I figured if she was home, she would be dressed. And if not, we are good enough friends that I didn't think she would mind if I caught her in her jammies. Her husband came to the door and said to come on in. They are such great people! In a few minutes I had talked Nancy into coming along with me.

It was so much fun! There were wonderful displays of vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey, cheese and nuts - all under a big pavilion. It took me only a minute to make my first purchase - little golden potatoes. I split a big tray of fresh green beans with a complete stranger; bought kohlrabi, sweet corn (yum), a lovely head of cabbage, and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers - they were only $3.50! I'll be eating healthy vegetables and enjoying pretty flowers all weekend long.

Nancy and I may try to go again next Saturday. It was a very good time.

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carrster said...

That is probably the MAIN thing I miss about living in Southern California. AMAZING farmer's markets every week throughout the year. *sigh* There's something very satisfying buying from a farmer or gardener directly and the flowers & gifts and extras you can find at the booths are usually just fabulous. Glad you had a great time!