Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Candle on My Cake

Today I add another candle on my cake. . . I wonder, will my cake hold more candles?!

Birthdays are funny things - some parts are sweet, some are not. There's the part where you reflect on years gone by, and the unknown future - - but the best part is sweet - hearing from family and friends, being honored by your co-workers, and eating out at your favorite restaurants.

My birthday actually started last night when I was wished a "Japanese" birthday by my daughter-in-law, Rachel, and my grandson Josiah. While he wouldn't actually take the phone in his hand and greet me, I heard him say it in the background - "Happy Birthday, Grandma!" That really melts my heart! I also heard little Annika's greeting, though it wasn't as "pronounced." I knew it was from her heart. ;-)

Arriving at my office this morning, I was amazed at the outpouring of my co-workers. Not only did they decorate my cubicle with banners and balloons, but they gave me 2 dozen gorgeous roses! I am so moved.

Oops. . . guess what? The operator just phoned and I have a package at the front desk. What can it be. . . oh my, a delivery of fresh flowers from Heidi, Chad and Brian. They are lovely too - lovely, light pink daisies! Thank you!


MamaD4 said...

Happy Birthday! I just pulled up the blog and showed Josiah your new pictures and asked him "Who's that?" "GRANDMA!!" It looks like you're having a great birthday. Hope you can squeeze all those balloons and flowers into the Beetle!

-Peder said...

It looks very nice.

carrster said...

Happy Birthday! They did a great job on your cube!