Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Robins Have Flown the Coop

I came home for lunch today, so anxious to see the little baby robins once more, and what did I discover? They have flown the nest! All I could see was one little one, and he was hovering under my window. One of his parent's was over-head and was cheeping and cheeping at me - or maybe he was cheeping at Junior. At any rate, once again I grabbed my camera and got this photo. He is sooooo cute!

Tonight he is gone. There is no sign of any of the family that lived outside my cottage for a little over a week. I had no idea they would grow up and leave so suddenly. But at least I got to see one of them one more time.

It reminds me of my kids. It seems like they were little, and all of a sudden they live in Japan, Seattle, and near downtown Minneapolis - - married to wonderful people, and one of them has given me two darling angels. I know just what Mr. and Mrs. Robin are feeling tonight.

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MamaD4 said...

It's ME isn't it? The one who gave you two darling little angels! I'm sad that your robins flew the nest before you got to name them, but that's what we raise our children to do, right? Fly the nest? It has to be done. Of course, I suppose they could have moved in with Tweety.