Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to the 50's Hot-Rod Show

Today my brother, sister, her son-in-law and grandson enjoyed the Back to the 50's car show in St. Paul. Can you imagine 11,000 gorgeous (well, not all were gorgeous - some were a "work in progress") restored autos that are all older than 1964? While most vehicles are parked along the by-ways of the State Fair Grounds, many are driving slowly through the crowds (easily 50,000+ people), revving their engines, causing many to "back-fire", which the crowds love! The men - and lots of women, are all smiling, taking pictures, and reminiscing about the car they once had that looked like this one or that one. I'm standing next to the copper-tone '57 Chevy that looks identical to the one our family once had. (photo #6)

I personally like the ones that are restored to their original look - right down to the original motor horsepower. My nephew and great-nephew like the ones that are really "beefed up" - with lots and lots of chrome. They also like the flames and lots of pin-striping.

This year there was a '38 Packard that took my breath away. It is the beautiful beige convertible shown here. (photo #5)

I saw only one VW - and the owner had drastically changed it. It's looks to be half the height of a "real" beetle, plus it has something "strange" done to the engine (in the back of the car). I think it looks hideous! (photo #4)

My friends Sandra and Jim show their vehicles there each year. Here is their '49 Ford pickup. It is painted beautifully. (photo #3)

Each time I attend this event, I tell those with me at the start that they can choose one car to "take home." This year I decided to take home this "Jaguar!" (photo #2)

It was a fun time - seeing so many quality automobiles - and eating a corn dog and greasy fresh-cut French fries and a real Coke (not Diet-Coke today, thank-you)! Oh, we ate at a table outside a shop - not from our car as you can see by the tray attached to a car window. (top photo) Another great element is the 50's music being played all over the fair grounds. If you like old cars, you ought to try to come to this event sometime.


Lynn said...

Hi Aunt Donna,

I love reading your blog.

Bobby & Chad had a great time at the car show too. Bobby thinks it's neat how you and my Mom really enjoy that type of thing. Maybe I will have to try it next year.

Hope to see you soon. Have a wonderful day!
Love, Lynn

DD4 said...

Lynn, I think you would enjoy the show allot - just watching your husband and son's reactions would be worth the trip!

Yes, please come next year.