Sunday, June 18, 2006

Peder & Sarah's 1st Wedding Anniversary

One of my very favorite things to be doing is spending time with my kids. Last night was such an occasion - Peder and Sarah came to my home to have dinner and dessert. We had such a good time together - reminiscing about that special day, June 12th, a year ago when we gathered for what we thought was an "engagement brunch" but which turned out to be a ploy to get us together for their "surprise wedding!"

Last night they shared with me the details they had to accomplish well before the 11th of June, which was the big day for Heidi and Chad who were throwing a big family barbecue in celebration of their elopement in Hawaii in February last year. Peder and Sarah certainly didn't want to take away any of the attention due to Heidi and Chad, but knowing that the entire family would be gathered for this weekend, they thought "Why not? Let's just throw in a 'surprise wedding' that no one will have to get all stressed about. This way, all of our family can be in attendance." And so the plot thickened. The "surprise wedding" was just perfect! And now we can all laugh about it. Best wishes, Sarah and Peder!!!

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