Sunday, June 11, 2006

2nd Viewing of "A Prairie Home Companion"

This afternoon I viewed the movie A Prairie Home Companion, for the second time, knowing I would be able to look at more details of the film. This time was magic - - I saw myself! Granted, the camera was not doing a close-up of me, but I saw not only my aqua sweater, but my face. A few seconds later, I saw myself clapping. This was so much fun!

Once again, I really enjoyed the film! I caught lines and actions that I missed at the first viewing. It was interesting listening to a different audience - just like when our choir sings the same numbers for two different services at church. Even when we sing them identically, one audience will erupt in applause at the completion of a number, the other sits like "stones." At the completion of yesterday's viewing, most of the audience applauded. This afternoon's crowd laughed at many more jokes and comments, but did not clap at the conclusion. Go figure.

The reviews I have read have been positive. They are from around the country - not just the prejudiced Minnesotans. :-)


Sarah said...

Told ya! ;o)

I haven't seen it yet but my mom really liked it. She said she'd go with me sometime this week.

Nancy said...

It was interesting to read your comments. I told you that I was disappointed in the movie. I guess I expected something different. Could have been my mood that night, but it certainly wasn't all bad: I did enjoy Garrison Keillor, and Meryl Streep's character. I am glad you enjoyed it so much. Maybe I will have to see it again and try to catch seeing you in the audience! How fun.