Tuesday, June 13, 2006

50 Things turning 50 this year

1. My Fair Lady
2. Doris Day's "Que Sera, Sera"
3. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
4. The Hermes "kelly bag" (inspired by Grace Kelly)
5. The Interstate Highway System
6. Yahtzee
7. Colo, the first gorilla born in captivity
8. Plymouth Fury car (the star of Stephen King's Christine)
9. The Wizard of Oz on TV
10. Masters Tournament on TV
11. Jif peanut butter
12. Artificial intelligence
13. "In God We Trust" as our national motto
14. Elvis's hit "Heartbreak Hotel"
15. Pampers
16. Cytogenetics (look it up!)
17. First hard disk drive (from IBM)
18. "Dear Abby"
19. The Hundred and One Dalmations (the book)
20. Kim Cattrall
21. Toaster ovens
22. Peyton Place (the book)
23. First climate-controlled shopping mall in the world (Southdale Center, Edina, MN)
24. Queen for a Day
25. Mel Gibson
26. Certs
27. Transatlantic phone cable
28. Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line"
29. Battery-run watches
30. Uncle Milton's Ant Farm
31. As the World Turns
32. Diorissimo perfume
33. First wireless remote control
34. Isolation of human growth hormone
35. Godzilla (U.S. version)
36. Martina Navratilova
37. The Hungarian Revolution
38. Pop art
39. Profiles in Courage
40. Four basic food groups
41. Tom Hanks
42. The Price Is Right
43. Videotape recorder
44. Nonstick frying pan
45. Chuck Berry's "duck walk"
46. The King and I (the movie)
47. NBC's Ann Curry
48. Scotchgard
49. Do-it-yourself haircolor
50. Play-Doh


MamaD4 said...

Upon reading the list, my official favorite thing that is turning 50 has to be Pampers. What in the world did women do before Pampers? Happy Birthday Pampers!

Sandy's Space said...

Ah the sweet smell of play dough, do you remember it? Welcome to the world of blog, I have really enjoyed reading your notes. Thanks for the opportunity. I shall bookmark it and look forward to more.
Turning 50 is a magnificant time, at 53 I have embraced every day and always look forward to the next. Drop by and read some of my experiences.
Thanks again