Monday, August 22, 2016

She Winked at Me

I wasn't shopping for a new car because I loved my car. It is a Final Edition of the New Beetle. It has "Final Edition" plaques on either side of the car. 1500 of these beautiful blue, hardtop versions were made and 924/1500 is engraved on the steering wheel.

This photo is from May 2010. I'm standing between my red 1998 New Beetle (first edition) and my new, 2010 Final Edition, on the left. My boss bought the red car from me and still drives it.

Saying "good-bye" to my blue 2010 VW
Friday I was at the Volkswagen dealership to check on a warning light that had flickered the night before while driving on the highway. While they were looking at my car, I meandered into the sales room. That was a mistake. There I saw a beautiful new Beetle. It was a "limited edition" — a white convertible with a blue denim roof. The seats were covered in blue denim with white piping and the backs of the seat pockets were stitched like the back pockets of Levi jeans—double red stitching.

I'll cut to the chase. I ended up driving one of the "Limited Editions" and was impressed with the handling and the new safety features. It got me thinking: at my age, it would be good to have these features. As I was getting out of the car, I realized a convertible was not practical for me, but then "she" winked at me. She was parked two cars away and her beautiful tornado red took me in.

I walked over to her and looked in her window. The dashboard was exceptional! I said to the salesperson, "I'd like to have a look inside." Once in, I was sold. So I put the car on "hold" for 24 hours so I could think it over, pray about it, and discuss it with my brother and dear friend, Lil. Saturday I called back to say I wanted to purchase it. The rest is history.

Here I am sitting in my new car.

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