Sunday, August 07, 2016

Another Year Older

Yours truly standing at my office with the fabulous decorations

My office birthday party
Homemade cards from Leo, Felix and Aurelia and roses from Sarah and Peder

Yes, I turned another year older this past week. I had a lovely day which included talking to, or seeing, all of the members of my immediate family. My co-workers decorated my office and the two departments in which I work gave me a wonderful birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream, and lots of candles!

It's interesting that the older I get, the more I enjoy my birthdays and am thankful for each new day. I've reached the stage where I am no longer "gathering" things, but have begun to purge. Yesterday I went to Red Wing with some friends, and didn't buy one thing for myself. This is a good feeling. The weird (and perhaps, foolish) thing, is that we spend so many years and so much money buying things that will make us happy, make our homes beautiful, and maybe make us more attractive. At my current age, most of those things are not important to me. I still want to look good and therefore I my hair colored on a regular basis and have begun having my nails done. I've even had a make-up lesson at a cosmetic counter in a large department store.  It's the "things" that take up real estate in my home and garage that I am trying to eliminate.

So, if God gives me more days/years, I hope to continue parting with the things I no longer need. It's a good project!

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