Monday, August 29, 2016

Pine Haven Christian Assembly

Saturday my friend Nancy and I drove up to northern Minnesota to see her cabin in the woods. On the way, we stopped by Pine Haven Christian Assembly to take a look. This is the church camp I attended each summer after 5th grade through the summer after my junior year in high school. My dear friends Judy and John Otto met us there and took us around the camp grounds and we had so much fun reminiscing the old times. Currently they have a cabin a little ways from the camp and in summer, Judy works in the camp office. Here are some of the photos:

L to R: yours truly, Tay (camp manager), John, and Judy

The entrance to the camp

Judy Kooy Otto with the Lodge in the background

Judy and I in the Naomi cabin. She and I stayed in this cabin as campers.

John and Nancy outside cabin Naomi
The Chapel

Inside the chapel, at my request, John sang "How Great Thou Art."  He has a beautiful voice.

The canteen is located inside this beautiful log cabin.
It was great to see the camp in such a beautiful state. Many people over the years have donated many wonderful things and hours and hours of labor. I sure enjoyed seeing it again.

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Sonja said...

That was a fun tour, Donna. It's been many years since I was at Pine Haven, but I always loved it up there. After my sophomore year of high school, I worked up there that summer and had a great time. Thanks for the memories.....Sonja Lagervall Thiel