Saturday, June 06, 2015

It's been a noisy neighborhood . . .

It's been a noisy neighborhood for the past few weeks, but today it looks like the project of redoing our main street is coming to a close.

New storm sewers and man holes have been installed in the short, three block long street that runs by my home. In doing so, new curbs and gutters, as well as new sidewalks at the corners have been constructed. Yesterday they were grinding the existing asphalt down to the base, leaving the road with those irritating scraped little ridges on which to drive. I wondered just long they would leave it this way before covering it. Well, not very long.

This morning at 7, the sound of heavy equipment jarred me from my cozy bed. I peeked out the window, and sure enough, the construction crew was well represented. I let Nels out on the porch because he has been very curious to see from just where the racket is coming. Knowing I have to use this roadway later this morning, I got dressed and walked out to see what I would be dealing with.

To my delight, multiple trucks were bringing in hot asphalt and it was being laid down with a team of professionals.

Here are some photos I took – just for the record.

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DD4 said...

And by 10 am yesterday, all of the paving was done. All that remains is having the lines painted. It's now a beautiful, smooth roadway.