Sunday, June 21, 2015

Time Out

My cat, Nels, is a very handsome cat, and he's also smart. One of his tricks is very annoying, however, and just earned him a time out!

Occasionally when I am in my cottage, he begs to come in. He begs and begs. It's not always convenient to have him with me, such as when I am working on my computer. Last week, when he was perturbed because I wasn't dropping everything so he could come in to sit in my lap, he jumped up onto one of my dressers and began knocking things off. Glass things. Luckily, nothing has broken—yet. Usually that gets me up out of my chair, go to him, take him in my arms, and bring him to the cottage, where I pet and pet him, as he curls up in my arms.

Well, not today. Today I decided he was not going to be rewarded for that behavior. Rather, he is spending some time out, in his kennel. I'm not sure it will do any good, but we'll see.

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