Saturday, June 27, 2015

I love my screened porch!

I love my screened porch and have spent many perfect hours sitting in it so far this summer. The weather has been really nice—not too warm and not muggy! My flowers are doing really well, and I have a hummingbird coming to my feeder, birds coming to my bird bath and bees to the bee house. A couple of Sunday afternoons ago, three of my neighbors came over and we sat in the porch and had a nice visit. This is not the norm in our community!

Another benefit of my screened porch is coming home during my lunch time and eating out there. I have had many evenings where I've eaten my dinner in the porch, too. Of course, Nels is always my dining partner. (No, he doesn't eat from my plate or eat my food.)

My screened porch is also an excellent reading room for me. I'm reading a really good book right now, "With Every Breath," by Elizabeth Camden. I spent a couple of hours yesterday and again this morning sitting in my porch enjoying this captivating novel.

Of all the improvements I have made on my home, screening in the porch has proven to be the best.

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