Saturday, May 30, 2015

Today my friend, Sharon, died.

Sharon, in her newly remodeled kitchen/dining room
Today my dear, dear friend, Sharon, passed away. She is the closest person to a saint I have ever known. I became acquainted with her when I started working at Bethany House. Actually, her parents were one of the founders of Bethany International.

Over the years, we did many things together, including founding our little Red Hat group. When we first started, we (six of us) took turns hosting a monthly dinner in our homes. It was always fun getting together and sewing on a little project after eating dinner. We joked about the afghan Sharon was crocheting — wondering when it would ever be completed.

Sharon played the piano beautifully. One time when we had the Red Hat supper at my home, I asked Sharon to play the piano while we sang. It was so much fun!

About six years ago, or maybe more, Sharon got the news she had breast cancer. But she was brave and went through chemo therapy and radiation without missing a day at work. During this time, Ron, her husband, contracted leukemia. She stood by his side while he fought that, but eventually he died.

It became more important to me to be a friend to Sharon after Ron's passing. I went to her office to visit, and we always went on break together. She, our friend, Nancy, and I formed a little birthday club and went out to eat at each of our respective birthdays. Those were special times.

Sharon (center) with daughters Jennifer (left) and Rebecca (right), at the American Swedish Institute
Last November, Sharon and her two daughters and I went to tour the American Swedish Institute to see the house all decorated for Christmas. We had a lovely time! Afterwards, we drove a few blocks so Sharon could show me the house in which she lived when she was little. I did two blog entries on this day. You can read them here and here. Shortly after that, she got the news that the cancer had returned. She fought hard to beat it, God bless her.

This news has hit me hard. I loved Sharon very much.

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Deborah Tafil said...

Donna, I'm so sorry to read about your friend. I love following your blog and always enjoy seeing all of your pictures and reading the story that accompanies them. I remember seeing Sharon in a number of your pictures and reading about her in the stories, it was obvious she was a cherished friend. {{hugs}}