Friday, April 24, 2015

It was different

The atmosphere in our office yesterday was very different. It was the day for the funeral of the husband of one of our co-workers, Karen. Jeff had valiantly battled cancer for 4 1/2 years, but passed away on Sunday, surrounded by his family.

Sitting at the front desk in the morning, I witnessed my colleagues entering the office - usually one at a time. Some were wearing suits and ties or more dressy attire than the average day. Most were contemplative. The mood was somber.

A bit before 11 am, individuals left the building to attend the visitation and funeral for Jeff. Again, the mood was of quietness.

I was blessed by attending the service. I had known Jeff for a few years, but only on a small scale. I would visit with him for a few minutes while he would be waiting for Karen, or briefly at a company Christmas party. I learned more about him during the funeral—both during the eloquent memory time from his two adult children and from the pastor, who was a close, personal friend from Jeff's later teen years. Jeff's faith in God was what he wanted everyone associated with him to know about – business colleagues; golf, softball, and tennis buddies; friends and family members.

The outpouring of love for Karen was amazing, and I know she felt it. Her faith is strong, and though she will miss Jeff very much, she is happy to know he is now in the arms of Jesus.

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