Friday, April 17, 2015

Argument with Concrete

Tuesday I stopped at a local florist shop to buy a greeting card. As I walked up to the entrance, I tripped on the curb and fell to my knees, hitting the concrete just under my right eye. Ouch! Sitting on the sidewalk, I felt blood running over my eye, so fished a tissue out of my purse and pressed it to my eyebrow area. It soon filled. I attempted to get up, but it was really hard with very sore knees and the use of one hand. Once up, I managed my way into the store and found a clerk who took one look at me and led me to a chair. She soon gave me a wet cloth to apply pressure to the wound. After a little bit of time, a couple of employees joined us and took down my contact information. They could not have been kinder. After the bleeding had nearly ended, one of the them drove me and my car to the nearby Urgent Care center.

At the Urgent Care, a very nice nurse and doctor fixed up the cut over my eye. She used glue rather than taking stitches. It should heal in about 10 to 14 days. The pain in my knees, eyebrow and cheek were significant the first evening and night, but since then have been minimal. I expected more of a shiner, but it hasn't been too bad - mostly dark red in color.

The prescription sunglasses I was wearing at the time of the fall are badly scratched and both lenses are loose. My eye clinic informed me they cannot be fixed, so new glasses, along with an eye examination are in order. The insurance representative of the store at which this happened phoned yesterday and they are going to pay for the clinic bill, the cost of the eye exam and new sunglasses, and to replace the pair of slacks I was wearing (the knees are ruined). I'm grateful for that.


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