Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Leo!

My grandson Leo will turn 3 on Monday, the 13th of April. I'll always remember that he shares that date with my Aunt Liz, who passed away one year before he was born.

His party was today and it was really fun. He was full of joy and seemed to love everything—his cake and all of his gifts. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Sarah decorated Leo's cake.

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♫ ♪Happy Birthday to you! ♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you!  ♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday, dear Leo,  ♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you!  ♫ ♪♫

Aurelia sporting her new hat and matching bag

This is Felix under the mask!

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