Saturday, April 25, 2015

Felix's 5th Birthday Party

This afternoon I went to Felix's 5th birthday party. As I approached their house, I saw this darling writing on the sidewalk. It is a welcome note from sister Aurelia. I think she wanted to be a part of the celebration preparations.

This was the first time for Felix to have friends invited to a party. Imagine their surprise when they spotted their preschool teacher seated in the living room. So cute! I thought it was very nice of her to come on her day off.

After a couple of games, it was time for the birthday cake. Felix chose a cake with a tank on it. Actually, the tank is a transformer—one of his favorite toys. He is shown here before blowing out the candle.

It was a fun party, and Felix got a lot of nice gifts. I'm sure he's going to be busy for quite awhile assembling his new Lego toys.

Oh, a few days ago he informed his mom that on his birthday, his name is going to change to D5.

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Sarita said...

I stole a bunch of your pictures. They are great. Thanks for coming today.