Sunday, August 03, 2014

Jerry and Janet's new home

Friday Pat and I drove down to Rochester to help my brother and sister in getting settled into their new home. They moved last week to a one-level town home just a block away from their previous home.

Six weeks ago about right now—5:15 pm—a driver made an illegal turn and plowed into my sister's car, sending her to the hospital in an ambulance and totalling her car. She sustained a broken ankle, broken ribs, and a fractured sternum. After 5 days of hospitalization, including surgery to stabilize her ankle, and a couple of weeks of rehabilitation in a dreary nursing home, she went home to live in 3 rooms of their four level town home, dependent on a wheelchair and family and friends to bring food and help her shower and change clothes.

While she was in the nursing home, my brother signed papers for the purchase of a new home, one that would eventually make their lives easier. And then the fun began—sorting, clearing out, and packing possessions.

A little over a week ago the majority of their things were taken to their new residence, much of it being parked temporarily in their garage. A little path was created so they could come and go, and begin the process of emptying the cartons and finding a place for everything.

With the help of Jerry, Pat, Keith, Deborah, Annika, Chad and I, we got the majority of it unpacked and put in its new home. Oh, Janet did what she could, too, though that is not easy when being bound to a wheelchair. Here a few photos of their new home.

Jerry, taking a break in their new dining room

Janet has beautiful dishes and it was fun to display them in their handsome Amish made hutch.

The American flag on the top on this pie safe was earned by Jerry and was awarded him when he retired from the US Navy. He served 21 years!

After Annika helped unpack carton after carton of dishes, she earned a well deserved break to play with the American Girl dolls. Annika is Deborah's sweet daughter.

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I Love Barbershop said...

Jerry and I are so appreciative of all our family who helped us in this move. The weekend before this we had Lynn, Doug and Chad's help. Also during the week Cassie and Chad came over to help me upstairs sort thru some stuff. Many trips down flights of stairs.
Thanks to all of you!