Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our office building is undergoing huge changes

As I mentioned a few entries ago, our office building was purchased a couple of weeks ago. The new owners are planning to use the majority of the office space in the lower level, so there is a lot of remodeling going on. More than a week ago I began packing up my cubicle where I have "lived" for over 13-1/2 years.

After several trips to the opposite end of our office with box after box, and my many plants, I got moved into my temporary space:

This new (temporary) space is considerably larger than my previous office. I'm not really unpacking  much because I will be moving again in about a month. There are twelve in our office who will be moving to new locations. Two of us will be moving twice - Stacey and me. I'm fine with that.

Last Wednesday a dumpster was delivered to our building and as of this afternoon, it is well past the top, with more to be piled on to it by tomorrow's pick-up time. It's actually been a good chance for things that have been stowed away for years to be tossed out—old files, film, folders, and things such as typewriters and Dictaphones! (Don't worry, Heidi, they were disposed of properly.)

Friday afternoon the cubicles that were vacated were dismantled. Monday morning steel framing took their place, and today, some sheet rock was added.

My former cubicle being dismantled

This is the location of my former cubicle with steel supports being installed.
Here's the location of my old cubicle. Sheet rock was added later today. Our office manager will be moving into this space once it is completed.
I'll update more in a few days. Having the camera in my new iPhone is coming in handy!

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