Thursday, March 20, 2014

A rich, fulfilling vacation comes to an end

Yesterday I returned home from a fantastic time in Seattle. While the city and its surroundings are beautiful, they don't compare to my new granddaughter Corinne. I have fallen deeply in love with her. Like my other seven grandchildren, she is beautiful and very sweet. I have a collection of photos to share that give a glimpse of my great time there.

Here she is!

I couldn't get over how much she resembled my three kids at this age.

Isn't she beautiful!

Marshall and I had a lot of fun together, too.

Marshall and I took Brian for a walk.

Marshall posing by one of the many flowering plum trees. 

I loved sitting in this chair rocking Corinne. She liked it, too.

At a week and a half old, Corinne had her first doctor appointment. Here she weighs 7.5 pounds.

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