Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why is it . . . ?

Why is it when it is extremely cold outside, I am so hungry? This past week, I could almost eat my hands, I've been so hungry. Somehow cold carrot sticks, an apple, an orange, or a banana just isn't doing it for me. I want something like a pizza, a cheeseburger, chili with cheese and crackers. You know, comfort food.

I know what will happen if I give in to this mood. I'll eat this, and then I'll eat that. It's no good. I'm trying to stay true to eating the healthy things. If this ridiculously cold weather would go away, I think it would a lot easier.

To make matters worse, one of my girlfriends flew to Hawaii this morning to join 7 of her friends on a 10 day cruise around the islands! How nice does that sound right now?! I should have gone along.


Lil Mitchell said...

You can complain. That does sound cold. Got over 60 here today. Makes us very glad we made the move.

I brought home two B. Lewis books for Mary tonight. I downloaded the one by the brain surgeon who spent 10 minutes in Heaven. That sounds good.

Stay warm. Much love, Lil

Pat said...

Well--hurry and get down here. Weather is beautiful!! And it is very easy to eat healthy when you can buy fresh produce so reasonable. I do feel for all of you when I see the weather up there. Can't wait till you are here. We need to visit.

MamaD4 said...

It is a slippery slope, isn't it? This is why I question the Girl Scouts' decision to sell cookies in January--most people are trying to keep resolutions and a lot of those resolutions have to do with diet and exercise. Very few people want four boxes of Thin Mints sitting around!