Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snowy Sunday

I think this has been a strange winter. We've had little snow, and lots of too cold days. The weather forecasters warned us today could be a dicey day, and they got it right. Coming home from church, just 6 miles to go, the rain started. I watched the outside temperature go from 34, to 33, to 32. Drat! I'm still a ways from home and now it's at freezing! Thankfully, I drove my car inside the garage before the sleet began to fall. The sleet switched to rain, which turned into snow—a beautiful snow of giant flakes. Nels and I just had to see it first hand, so we went out into the porch. It was really pretty.

Nels is fun to watch when it is snowing. He runs from panel to panel, seeing if he can catch the flakes. I try to capture this on my camera, but I'm not quick enough

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