Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We're having the coldest weather here in four years. This morning when I awoke, it was -16 (actual air temperature) with a windchill factor of - 33! Nels wanted to go out on the porch, per usual, so I quickly opened the door. He ran out and I heard him gasping for breath. I called him back and he came right away! That will be his last time outdoors for the next few days.

The sun is shining today, which warms up the cars in the parking lot a good 15 degrees, or so, but when I went home for lunch, it was -5, and the wind had picked up a bit, and it was still a bit chilly inside my car, even after it had been running for about 8 minutes. Here's the forecast for tomorrow: more of the same, perhaps with a bit less wind. We have no big warm up at all this week.

I know, in Minnesota our homes are built to stand this: tighter windows, more insulation, adequate furnaces. I'm even blessed with an automatic car starter (I love it!). But it still makes me feel better to gripe about it.


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DD4 said...

I guess I spoke too soon. When I got home from work last night, my furnace was NOT working. It would try to fire up, and quit; fire up, and quit. I called for service and bless his heart, a repair man came two hours later. He cleaned the starter and it started up like a charm. It was nice to wake up to the sound of the furnace purring along this morning.