Saturday, August 18, 2012

Playing in my new screened porch

I thought this may happen at some point, and sure enough, Nels made it up to one of the railings today. I had used my Amish-made grandma's potato stool for standing on to hang two hanging pots and a little wind chime. He took advantage of the back of the stool, teetered over to the railing, and made himself at home for a bit. He is loving investigating each and every thing.

Prior to the completion of the porch, I had shopped at IKEA and bought a bunch of things that "spoke" to me: some linens, napkins, a tray, a couple of hanging planters and matching flower pot (metal), plus some artificial (shh! don't tell) plants, and this cute lamp, which I'm proud to say, I assembled "all by myself" this afternoon! I had fun switching around some of the linens to see what looks better. Looking at things now, I see that I want to change the cloth to a different angle on the new IKEA table against the brick wall. I'll see how that looks.

For this photo, I changed the little table cloth on the small table behind the chair and the linens on the backs of the chairs. I'm trying out different ideas in preparation for a dinner I hope to host in the near future.

Notice the hanging pots and the humming bird wind chime suspended from the rafters? I'm pretty happy with them. I'm anxious to see what it will look like after the sun sets this evening.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

After patiently waiting for evening, I made some of the tweaks I had thought about earlier and turned on the lamp plus lit a candle. I like it!

Same scene sans flash.

Taking a photo of these planters and wind chime at evening makes them more visible.

I am really enjoying this new "room" in my home.


DD4 said...

Peder DeFor:

I tried to comment on your blog about your new porch but I can't convince the Captcha symbols that I'm not a robot. Anyway, it looks very nice!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Thank you, Peder. I'm sure enjoying it!

Pat said...

I really like this porch. The Ikea table is perfect. The lamp looks great on it. The linens really add to the lovely decor So very glad you & Nels are enjoying it. Isn't it fun to put it all together after thinking about it for so Long?

Angelina Garcia said...

Your porch is just amazing! It looks very cozy yet vibrant at the same time. Having it screened is also a good choice because it keeps out mosquitoes and other pesky insects while steel allowing air flow. You can definitely relax in this place of the house you call your new room. :)

Angelina Garcia