Friday, August 10, 2012

I have a new table!

One of the things I was hoping to do once my porch is screened is a little entertaining alfresco. I had considered bringing my little kitchen table out there, which when opened up, seats four. It wasn't until I was shopping at IKEA last Sunday with my cousin Pat that I decided to buy the table I have admired there since it opened in Minneapolis some number of years ago. I hadn't been on their second floor for at least a year, so it was surprising to learn they still offered this wonderful creation.

Table fully closed

One side opened; one drawer slightly open. The leg isn't actually slanted. It appears so due to the camera angle.

This table has two drop-down sides, plus six drawers — three on each side. Six people will be able to sit around it when it is fully opened. Fully closed, it takes up very little space. It comes in natural wood or white. I chose the white, and it is so nice! Thanks to Pat who did most of the grunt work to get the knocked down table into the back of my Beetle and out again, and into my home. This afternoon one of my co-workers (I work with the BEST people) came over and assembled it for me. He told me he loves to put together IKEA furniture—that it is well made, and comes with good instructions. It took him a little less than a hour from box to porch! Isn't it great?

One more benefit: in December I can bring it into my kitchen, swapping it with my kitchen table, and have a great spot for rolling out and decorating Christmas cookies, etc.

The porch is completely painted and now I'm waiting for the workmen to install the screening.


Sciinsttech said...

Wow! I'm going to look at this table too, Donna. It has some great space versatility.
By the way, Happy Birthday!

DD4 said...

Thank you, Barb.

I think you would like the table a lot!

MamaD4 said...

I wish I could get up to IKEA. It's up near DC, so it's a bit of drive. I got a little spoiled in Germany, where there's an IKEA on every street corner!

The porch looks very inviting! We look forward to seeing it.

Pat said...

I sure had fun at Ikea with you. Love this table. It looks great there. I am glad I did not get those curtains. When I got home I discovered that they are the same, exact ones that I got a month ago for the other bedroom. And I wanted something a little different. Forgot all about that.