Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Search of Eagles

For my second day with Heidi and Marshall, we drove down to Wabasha, Minnesota, to have lunch at Slippery's Tavern (think Grumpy Old Men) and to visit the National Eagle Center 

Marshall loved these water fountains and the waterfall.

Marshall, along with 4 other children, got to go to the front of the lecture to flap his arms as an eagle.

Heidi and Marshall posing with Was'aka (the eagle)

Suddenly Was'aka began flapping his wings. Marshall wasn't so sure he liked this!

Harriet, the eagle who appears on some Minnesota license plates, had recently taken a bath - thus, the wet sand near her perch and bath tub. I think Marshall enjoyed this part of the center.


Pat said...

How fun. Marshall is sure cute. Did I mention that I think he looks a lot like Chad. Chad's mom said the he had blonde hair when he was Marshall's age. Nice pictures of Heidi. It must have been a great day.

Hemingway and Shakespeare said...

That's Mom's favorite place. She told us that she loves it down there with all the eagles.

Hemingway and Shakespeare said...

Hey Donna.......we nominated you for an award!

DD4 said...

To Hemingway and Shakespeare, I think we're going to have to get acquainted. What do you think?