Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Unexpected Turn of Events

This morning I woke up and did the usual Sunday morning things in preparation of going to church and singing in the choir. I was running a few minutes behind so I broke the law and sped a little - not a lot. Reaching the parking lot, I hurried out of my car, rushed to the building, put my purse in a locker, and proceeded to the choir loft for the warm up. I had barely sat down when the choir assistant motioned for me to come down to talk to her — not in the sanctuary, but she wanted me out in the hallway. I thought for sure she was going to tell me I couldn't sing today because I wasn't wearing the mandatory black hose. (I stand in row 3, off to the side, so I figured no one would even notice!)

Lori lead me to one of the upholstered benches where our choir director was lying flat on his back. She told me he was too ill to direct the service and wanted me to direct the choir and the congregational singing at the Eden Prairie and the Edina campus. Oh, my! Had they asked me to give my faith story, I would have been prepared for that. I always carry a copy in my purse and in my choir folder. This was something else!

I told them I would do it and then proceeded to get my choir folder to refresh my mind as to what we were singing today. I hadn't looked at it since our rehearsal Wednesday night. I walked to the stage, took my place on the podium, and tried to scan the program to see what I had gotten into. Then I asked the choir to pray for me!

Fast forward, things went okay. I made a couple of blunders at the first service (knocked my glasses off the music stand. One of the musicians surreptitiously picked them up and returned them to stand. Minutes later during the pastor's prayer, I knocked both anthems on the floor, I was able to pick them up while he prayed. Hopefully God is the only One who knows I bent down to pick them up.).

The choir and string quintet followed me extremely well, as did the organist and pianist. I enjoyed the experience of directing the choir and the congregation. Thinking back, it has been 20 years since I have had this privilege.

Update on our choir director: He spent some time at the ER and was sent home with some new medication. Having just had surgery two weeks ago, this was a very scary time for him.

Lesson learned: be prepared for just about anything.


Sarita said...

Wow, I'm impressed Donna! Congratulations on a job well done.

Pat said...

I would have no doubt at all that you could and did handle it well. You came out of your comfort zone and stepped up to the plate. Hooray for you!! You have to feel good that you were the one they asked. You make us proud, Donna!

MamaD4 said...

Just when you think you know what's coming next, you get an interesting surprise! Sounds like fun!

DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:

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I wasn't at Wooddale today physically but I watched the service online. Offertory is my favorite choir special. Great to see you leading from the front for a change.

Much love,

DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:

Donna D -

YOU WERE FABULOUS! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! It was so much fun singing under your direction and seeing you up in front of all of us, the musicians and the congregation. But what a shock to be pulled into service and be able to do so on such short notice. I would say you really have something to write about today. Just so lucky for Dave and the choir that you were in town. BUT AGAIN, WHAT A GREAT JOB! Hopefully you're available for some additional "guest conducting." We'll be ready for you. But know that we were all really proud of you today and how you stepped up to the "podium" and the challenge.

Your "sidekick" in the soprano section -


DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:


You did a fabulous job of directing today. I was delighted to see this great talent that you have in directing this morning. Your composure in the situation was impressive! God is so good.


DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:

Hi, Donna,
I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did today, jumping in at the last minute to direct the choir and lead the congregation in worship! I’m sure you were nervous, but you were clearly God’s prepared person for the moment! My hat’s off to you!

May the joy of the Lord continue to bless you!
Patricia J. (McDonald) O'Hare

DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:

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WOW!!!!! What a surprise ! We were so proud of you as you were leading the choir this morning. We had just sat down beside Ed Anthony and he said that Dave had been taken to the hospital, and then there you were. You did a wonderful job and so did the choir. What a professional group to carry on for God. You were courageous and admirable. I loved your smile as you led the congregation. We will of course be praying for Dave and hope to hear soon that all is well.

Sending you love,
Judy and Max

DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me Sunday afternoon:

Hi Donna,
Just a short note to thank you for filling in for Dave today. You did a magnificent job!!!! I'm sure you were a bit nervous on the inside, but God was there to see you through! Everyone in our
class, following the service, marveled at your ability/ willingness to fill in at the last moment.
Thanks again, Donna.
Bless you!

DD4 said...

Comment emailed me this morning:

This first thing I did this morning was check your blog to see what you had written about yesterday. How exciting!

You should be very proud – things went very well.

When we went through that moment of absolute shock that Dave was too ill to go on and then that you were the “in charge” up through the last song at Edina , what a memory.

You really “stepped up to the plate” and by the time we got to Edina you looked like you were enjoying yourself. Your bright smiles were so encouraging, and a couple of times I got a little teary at the special moment.

It was such a relief that Dave appears to be OK, but you also had one of those “life moments” yesterday. Congratulations!


DD4 said...

Comment emailed to me today:

Hi Donna,
So very thankful for you and your incredible spirit of, "Yes, with God's grace."
You did such a gallant job or stepping in and leading the choir and the congregation.
I'm so thankful to God when I think of you.

I'm sure there is lots more ahead of all of us as we "walk by faith."

And well, I knew you were a choir conductor in the past, but am impressed by excellence demonstrated.
Yeah! Cheers! Hooray for God and his work in you.
Love and prayers,