Thursday, March 08, 2012

Princess Diana

Tonight a friend and I went to the Princess Diana exhibition at the Mall of America. This is on loan from the Spencer family, and includes Princess Diana's wedding dress and many, many more of the dresses she wore. We saw one of her diamond tiaras, and many exquisite pieces of jewelry - including antique pieces of her ancestors. Cameras were not allowed, except at the entrance, and by the exit, where sits a replica of her wedding cake. I'm happy we went on a quiet week night, since there were no crowds, and we got up close to everything, and had plenty of time to read the commentary and watch the videos.

Did you know it took one entire room to display the bound books of the notes of sympathy the family received following her death? 1 billion people watched her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. 2.5 billion watched her funeral in 1997.

The exhibition will be at the Mall until June 10. If you cannot go in person, you can see some of what I saw here.

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