Saturday, March 03, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jan!

The hotel was giving a cookie decorating class so Jerry and I sat in on it. It was kind of fun.

Aurelia created this lovely hat to wear to the party.

Peder, Felix and Aurelia at the water park

Felix and Aurelia going down the slide in the water park

Keith, Deborah, and Annika gave Jan this lovely carved bird ornament. It was made in Africa.

Both Felix and Aurelia thought it was fun to pay with Annika (she's 8 years old).

Today my family celebrated my sister's birthday by going out to lunch here in the twin cities, followed by an afternoon and early evening at the Water Park of America, which is attached to the Radisson Hotel and about a long block away from the Mall of America. Oh, my, what a place! This giant indoor water park had 750 patrons in it this afternoon and apparently they weren't at capacity!

Everyone had a very nice time. And it was so fun to see Jan's son, Keith, and his girl-friend, Deborah and daughter, Annika, plus Jan's grand kids, Alex, Chad and Cassie. It was Deborah's birthday yesterday, so we were celebrating her, too.

Jan's birthday is actually next Saturday, March 10.


MamaD4 said...

Happy 70th Birthday Janet! Sending love from Virginia!

Pat said...

Nice pictures!! Love Relia's hat! Wish I could have been there to help celebrate. Looks like so much fun. How come I don't see any pictures of you in the water?? I would have gotten into the cookie decorating with Jerry.
That was very nice of Keith to throw that party.