Friday, August 26, 2011


I can't get over how nice the people are to me while wearing this boot. I put off my weekly shopping until this afternoon, knowing it would be a process.

I had quite a list - first stop: Sprint. My phone is at least 3 years old, and the battery isn't holding it's charge very long. Coming in to the store, all of the associates were with customers, so I waited. When my turn came, the clerk noticed my boot and got me a chair. Nice. She was kind, helpful, and caring. And I walked away with a new phone.

Next stop: Petco. After getting food and litter for Nels, the clerk graciously carried my purchases to the car.

Last stop: Costco. I hopped into the only available electric wheel chair and started going down aisle after aisle. I picked up things I have needed for at least two weeks - and this time I didn't hit any merchandise OR people! Driving up to the check-out lane, the customer ahead of me made certain I had plenty of room for the chair. Then she proceeded to carefully unload my basket. She couldn't have been nicer! When it was my turn to pay, I accidentally dropped my membership card on the floor. I could have stepped off to pick it up, but the gentleman behind me insisted on helping me. At the completion, the checker packed my dry goods in the bag I brought with me and stacked the remaining items in the basket. Then, get this - - Costco allows you to drive the electric wheelchair to your car to unload and one of their employees comes to drive it back in.

I don't have polio. I'm not permanently handicapped (at least I hope it's not permanent!). And yet people are so kind. Makes one think of the Golden Rule. I must do all I can to help others.

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