Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Around

A couple of years ago, while dealing with plantar faciitis, I discovered the value of the electric shopping carts that many stores provide. These are comfortable, easy to operate, and have a large basket for purchases. I'm once again finding them very useful.

It's interesting how different they can be from store to store. For instance, one day last weekend I used one at a local Target, and got into a little trouble when making a turn to enter an aisle. The turning radius wasn't great, and I ran into a display of emery boards. Several packages fell to the floor, as well as the price tag. A nice gentleman and his young son came quickly to my rescue - picking up everything and telling me not to worry. I was so embarrassed, but thankful I hadn't hit a person! Another thing about that wheelchair was the annoying "beep . . . beep . . . beep" each time I used the reverse mode. It was loud - similar to a city utility truck. That, too, was embarrassing.

Aside from the usefulness of the vehicle, is the feeling of the genuine, kind attitude of other shoppers as they pass you. "May I reach that for you?" "Hello!" And yesterday at the grocery store check-out, the clerk offered, "Would you like to have someone pack your bags for you?"

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