Sunday, August 07, 2011

Another Birthday Party


Debra and Bonnie

Laurey and Debra

Joanne and Laurey

Birthday dessert - French pastries

Today my friends gave me a birthday party in one of the dining rooms at Hotel Sofitel. This is an elegant French restaurant that serves delicious food! Eating there always feels like a special occasion.

Nancy brought along her "birthday bear." He sings Happy Birthday through twice. His head moves back and forth. Every time Nancy brings the bear, someone in the restaurant always asks where they can get one. I've had two, but sold both to strangers sitting near by.

This was a special time of being together with dear friends Nancy, Bonnie, Debra, Laurey, and Joanne.

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Pat said...

What a great birthday lunch. Everybody looks so good. Enjoyed reading about this.