Sunday, May 22, 2011


Nels continues to be fun - most of the time! He sits on his cat tower and watches me at the dining room table - when he's not eating at his dish, chasing his cloth mouse or snake, staring at the squirrels and baby bunny across the yard, or running across the dining room table - which is a NO, NO!

He still has a taste for electrical chords - so at this time I have only one speaker to my living room sound system and no speakers to the system in my bedroom. Nels has chewed the chords apart. Therefore, he is not allowed in the cottage - unless I am holding him. If he wiggles to get down, he is immediately shown the screen door. He has stopped begging to come in.

It's fun to see his curiosity take action. This past week while I was eating lunch, he crawled into the upside down blue stool I've had on a dining room chair to keep him from climb up to onto things. He was so cute!

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