Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love dishes!

This set of dishes were given to me by my next door neighbors. They are from France. He said they bought them at a dime store.

My love for dishes started soon after I was married. My husband and I were given some money for our wedding, and like a lot of newly married couples in our day, we needed nearly everything.
La Crosse, where we were living for the summer, had a jewelry store across the street from the
JC Penney store where I was working. One day I went in there and found a set of stoneware that I really liked, so I bought them. It was a service for 8. I bought cobalt blue glasses to go with them, and that started it all.

This place setting is from Hans' former ship

Over the years, I have collected many more - some services for 12, some for 8, a few for 6 or 4, and a few are service for 2. I have two patterns that are for only 1. Hey, that works for me! One large set I gave to Heidi and Chad when they married. It is Noritake china and my brother gave it to me one year when he was stationed in Japan. They're beautiful, and Heidi always admired them.

About 3 years ago, I thought I would do a blog entry on them - you know, make a pretty scene of a place setting, complete with place mat, table cloth, napkin, silverware, goblet, etc. That was a big dream that never culminated. Thanks to Google, I have captured a photo of a piece from each set and am including them here.

Do I use them? Yes, all have been used except one pattern. I'm saving those for someday special.


DD4 said...

This was technically the hardest entry to create to date. In "preview" mode, there is only one line space between the paragraphs, but when entered, there are huge gaps. Sorry about that. Also, one pattern is on twice - and it's going to stay that way! :-)

MamaD4 said...

I just kept scanning down and down...! That's a lot of dishes. I don't think you should wait for a special occasion for the one set--get them out and use them!

Peter L. Myers, Ph.D. said...

I see your rabbit dishes and etc. from Debbie Dean. I bought a bunch of her farm themed ceramics at the Smithsonian maybe 15 years ago, but they discontinued the line, as did my local store. I hope she is still working. I sent her an email.