Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was the official Mother's Day - and I received nice cards and calls from my kids. Today Peder, Sarah, Aurelia and Felix took me out for dinner. [Yes, it was safe to take Felix out in public because his pox are disappearing.] We met at the Mall of America and had a delicious dinner, followed by a trip outside to see the tulip garden. Such a beautiful display, showing off in the bright sunshine. Yes, sunshine! We haven't seen it for awhile around here.

We walked back into the mall and went toured the aquarium, which was really fun. They had remodeled since I had been there. Sarah and Peder have a family membership, so they frequent the mall - and the Under Water Sea World - often. Aurelia knows the names of the fish. She has her favorites. Felix likes to be out of the stroller to run around a little. He likes the fish, too.

Thank you for the nice time, Peder and Sarah!

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