Monday, April 25, 2011

Sad Changes

Notice the trees

Notice the trees

One tree left

These townhouses are on their last days. I hope these 6 token pine trees are spared.

Two of the things that drew me to my current job were 1) the location - only one mile from my home, and 2) a beautiful office with lovely grounds. The first time I drove to it (before applying for a position there), I parked in the empty parking lot and looked out at three deer standing by the beautiful pine trees. I just loved it.

Last Wednesday, big rigs started crawling onto our property and one in particular began cutting down trees - not a couple, not 5, but nearly all of the 40 or more. These were gorgeous trees - many were tall, stately, perfectly shaped. A few of them brought nice shade to our parking lot and provided a wonderful spot for our picnic tables.

Why are the trees coming down? Our landlord has sold a portion of the land on which our building sits. The trees AND the town houses are coming down to make way for a Seniors' residence. It's sad.


Sarita said...

And everyone knows, Seniors can't stand trees.

That is pretty darn sad.

Pat said...

Awwww--I agree. This is very sad. I hate taking down a dead tree let alone one that is pretty and thriving. Makes one feel bad.

carrster said...

Ugh."progress?" I don't think so! Those townhomes don't look too old either...why is it that we feel the need to cut everything down/tear everything down all the time? I'm sad for your trees. :(

Heidi said...

YUCK! If you cut down a tree you should have to plant two.