Saturday, April 09, 2011

It might be me - but I don't think so!

Last night I had dinner with a nice lady who started working at our publishing house a couple of weeks ago. She is moving here from Colorado, but hasn't found a house yet. We each drove our car to the restaurant so that she could drive to her sister's, where she is temporarily staying, after dining. We had a very nice visit, and then walked to our cars. Much to her dismay, she had locked her keys in her car! We sat in my car and visited some more until her sister and brother-in-law came to break into her car, after having looked and looked through her purses and jacket pockets for her spare key and coming up empty handed. Tonight I went to dinner with my friend, Nancy. About a half mile from the restaurant, 3 warning lights came on in her Lexus! There was a gas station across the street from the restaurant, so we pulled in there and got out the manual. "Warning: Do not drive the car. Call the dealership!" or something like that. Nancy called the dealership, but they were closed for the weekend. Then she called the 800 number for the 24 hour Lexus road-side service. That was disappointing. The woman who answered knew nothing about the warning signs, and agreed to call for a tow truck. Nancy said no thanks and we decided to drive across the street to the restaurant to think things over. We placed our order, and lo and behold Nancy recognized someone. What a blessing. This man and his wife were good friends of Nancy's, and though he didn't know why these warning lights had come on, he told her it was probably a computer glitch. He agreed to follow her to my house and then on to her house. Driving to my home, there was nothing happening with the car - no shimmying, no smoke, no rattles. Nothing. She'll take it in for service on Monday. So, that's two nights in a row that I have been with someone with a car issue. Is it me? I don't think so.

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