Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beverly Lewis' THE SHUNNING - Hallmark Movie

This Saturday night, April 16, the Hallmark Channel will premier the movie The Shunning, by Beverly Lewis. She is a New York Times best selling author, and is also a friend of mine. The Shunning is the screen play from the Bethany House Publisher's book by the same name. It is a story based on Beverly's grandmother's life. I know you will love it!

The Shunning tells the story of Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman, who discovers on the eve of her wedding she was adopted from outside the Amish faith, and that her "Englisher" biological mother is searching for her. The discovery so "ferhoodles" her that she walks out on her wedding and goes through an identity crisis before finally coming to peace with her situation. It's the first of three books in The Heritage of Lancaster County series.

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Buffy said...

I've been late in arriving to the phenomenon that is Beverly Lewis, having just been introduced to it last fall when my husband was cast in the role of Dylan for this film. I immediately read the Heritage of Lancaster County series and have since finished those for Abrams Daughters and Seasins of Grace. Just thoroughly enjoyed every one. And I thought Believe Pictures did a beautiful job with The Shunning - bias aside :).